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I added a Snap product to my cart, but I'm confused about what shows up.

Because of the modular nature of the Snap, you will see both the Snap Bracket and Snap Screen in your cart once added. The Snap Dual-Screen features one Bracket + one Screen, and the Snap Tri-Screen features one Bracket + two Screens.

How does the Snap connect to my laptop?

The integrated USB cables create a plug-and-play setup that’s simple and easy to use on ANY laptop, including Microsoft Surface devices and M1/M2/M3 MacBooks - no Xebec Adapter needed. Xebec's Patented Snap Bracket mounts to your laptop without magne

What laptops does Xebec Snap work with?

Xebec Snap is compatible with Mac, Windows/PC, Chromebook, and Linux laptops between 13 and 17.5in in size. Snap connects to your laptop's USB-C or USB-A ports, using just one cable per screen. If you are using your laptop's USB-A port you will simpl

Do I need to buy the Snap Bracket to use a Snap Screen?

Yes, the Bracket is required to use a Snap Screen - the Screen is not compatible with any other stand or cables due to our unique, patent-pending Xebec Snap Technology. One Bracket can support one or two screens.

What size laptop does the Snap fit?

The Snap Bracket fits any laptop with a screen size between 13 and 17.5 inches!

What materials are Snap products made out of?

The Snap Screen is made of anodized aluminum and the Snap Bracket is made of rugged overmolded TPE and ABS/PC blend.

With the Snap, do I need to charge or plug in the screens separately? Can I charge my laptop if this uses both of my USB-C ports?

You do not need to provide external power for the Snap Screens as your laptop will provide the power!. Although the Snap only draws minimal power, we have also included pass-through charging functionality to allow you to stay charged while in use. If

I bought a Snap Tri-Screen. Do I need to use both screens at the same time?

Not at all! If you buy two Snap Screens, you can use either one or two screens at a time and can switch it up whenever you need. You can also buy one to start and purchase another later!

Will I need an adapter to connect to the Snap?

No adapter is needed to use the Xebec Snap!

What's the difference in the Snap vs. Tri-screen 2?

While the Tri-Screen 2 remains one of the most prominent remote work tools across the globe, the Snap offers a totally new design for portable, multi-screen setups. Simply put:. This just scratches the surface of what makes the Xebec Snap the next-ge

What are the Snap Screen tech specs?

Here are the tech details of the Xebec Snap Screen: