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What's the difference in the Snap vs. Tri-screen 2?Updated 7 months ago

While the Tri-Screen 2 remains one of the most prominent remote work tools across the globe, the Snap offers a totally new design for portable, multi-screen setups. 

Simply put:

  • It's bigger (13.3" vs. 10.1" screens)
  • It's brighter (400 max nits vs. 300 max nits)
  • It's modular (Dual-Screen or Tri-Screen configuration), it's customizable (all new portrait and presentation modes)
  • It's top-line premium (anodized aluminum screen housing vs. plastic)
  • It's embedded (embedded DisplayLink chips for compatibility on all laptops without extra add-ons)
  • It's faster (integrated cables and Snap technology mean half the setup steps)
  • It's thinner (The Snap Bracket is 25% thinner and designed so you can shut your laptop lid with it staying on)

This just scratches the surface of what makes the Xebec Snap the next-generation portable workstation!

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