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Tri-Screen 2

How do I connect my Tri-Screen 2?

Check out our Getting Started Guide to connect your Tri-Screen 2. Please note that this guide will be easier to use with the Tri-Screen in hand. When asked if you have an image on your screen, simply select "Yes".Check out our Xebec Tri-Screen 2- Set

How can I arrange my screens?

SNAPDISPLAY APP. We've created an app to help you arrange your screens and even zoom in and out more easily! If you're interested in beta testing, visit our SnapDisplay App page for details!. How to arrange your screens (Mac). FOR MANUAL ARRANGEMENTS

My Tri-Screen 2 says "No Signal". What do I do?

The most common reason some users experience a 'no signal' connection to the Tri-Screen is due to the Tri-Screen not receiving power and video connections simultaneously. This often occurs when connecting to ports that are not Thunderbolt or DisplayP

How can I adjust the text size on my screens on the Tri-Screen 2?

Follow along with the short videos below to increase the zoom on your screens!. *Please note that the videos only show one specific version of each OS. If the video does not line up with your version of Mac or Windows, you can always reach out to us

How do I increase the brightness or color temperature of the screens on the Tri-Screen 2?

How to adjust the brightness of the screens. Basic brightness adjustments can be made via the '+' and '-' buttons located at the top of each screen. The screens are independent of each other, so the brightness of each screen can be adjusted separatel

How do I use pass-through charging on the Tri-Screen 2?

The Tri-Screen actually has a pass-through charging feature that allows you to utilize your laptop's USB-C port and still charge your laptop!. For our newest Tri-Screen (V2), either USB-C port may be used, simply connect to the screen that's connecte

My audio isn't working when I connect the Tri-Screen 2. How do I fix it?

If you are having audio issues or no longer hearing any sound from your laptop speakers after installing the Xebec Tri-Screen, have no fear -  this is a super simple adjustment!. Follow along with the short videos below to adjust your audio output in

Where can I find the Tri-Screen 2 User Manual?

You can find the Tri-Screen 2 User Manual HERE!

What do I do if my screens are duplicated on the Tri-Screen 2?

Windows. If your screens are duplicated / mirroring each other, you can adjust this quickly in your Display Settings! Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get everything set up. Windows 11:. If you are using Windows 10, follow the instructio