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How do I increase the brightness or color temperature of the screens on the Tri-Screen 2?Updated 6 months ago

How to adjust the brightness of the screens

Basic brightness adjustments can be made via the '+' and '-' buttons located at the top of each screen. The screens are independent of each other, so the brightness of each screen can be adjusted separately based on your personal preference.

Each of the screens has a maximum brightness of 350 nits.

How to adjust the color temperature of the screens

You can adjust these settings to meet your personal preference by using the Menu button on the top of each screen. This is the button with 3 lines stacked on top of each other. After clicking the Menu button, you can scroll up and down by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons and then clicking the Menu button to make your selection. 

To reach the Color Temperature menu, press the buttons in the following sequence:

Menu > ‘+’ > Menu > Menu > ‘+’ 

You may cycle through the different options with the ‘+’ button to find your preferred setting. Once you’ve located your desired color temperature, simply press the Menu button one more time and allow a moment for the on-screen display to disappear.

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