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The Keyboard

How do I connect The Keyboard?

Use our Getting Started Guide, or the steps outlined below, to get connected!. Mac:. Connecting The Keyboard to your Mac is very simple! Follow the instructions below, and you will be set up in no time. 1. Click on the Apple Icon in the top left corn

How do I enable the function keys?

The Keyboard's function keys are defaulted to the "media" buttons and will need to be manually changed in order to act as F1-F12 keys. This can be accomplished by pressing the Fn button on the bottom of the keyboard while pressing the function key yo

How do I remove The Keyboard from my computer?

Removing The Keyboard from your PC or Mac is very simple. Follow the instructions below. Mac:. 1. Click on the Apple Icon in the top right corner of your screen, then select System Preferences. 2. Search for and select the Bluetooth option. 3. Click

The Keyboard won't turn off

If The Keyboard won't turn on or is otherwise unresponsive. There are a few things to check. 1. Ensure The Keyboard is turned on. The On/Off switch is located on the left side of the kickstand of the keyboard. 2. Check The Keyboard's battery life. It

My Keyboard won't connect to my laptop

If your Keyboard is failing to connect to your laptop, there are a few things you can check. Check your Xebec Keyboard:. Check your laptop:. Still having trouble? Please reach out to us here and we'll help troubleshoot!

Where can I find The Keyboard User Manual?

You can find The Mouse User Manual HERE!