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The Keyboard

What are The Keyboard specs?

We're proud of our thinnest full-sized keyboard with easy-to-sync Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to choose your favorite typing angle to fit your workspace style, wherever you are. Interested in more detail? Here are the Keyboard specs:

What's in The Keyboard box?

The Keyboard includes a custom Xebec carrying case and USB-C charging cable, alongside the Keyboard itself.

Can I connect The Keyboard to a phone or tablet?

Yes! The Keyboard is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Can The Keyboard be connected to more than one device at a time?

In short, no. While The Keyboard can be paired with multiple devices, it will only function with the device it was last connected to. To connect The Keyboard to another paired device, you may have to disconnect it from the device it is being used wit

What do the different buttons on The Keyboard do?

Here is an overview of what each button does! If you have additional questions, send them our way HERE and we can chat more!.