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The AirStand

What are the details of the AirStand?

The AirStand is the smoothest way to elevate your screens and keep your laptop cool, laying flat when not in use. Sound like something you need? Here are the nitty-gritty details of the AirStand:

Can I Remove The AirStand Once It Is Applied?

The AirStand is not meant to be removed once it is installed onto your laptop. Removing it can create issues with the adhesive if and when you go to reapply it. For that reason, you should plan on keeping your AirStand on your laptop and simply foldi

Will The AirStand Cause My Laptop To Overheat?

Nope! Quite the opposite. The AirStand is designed with ventilation slits built in so that your laptop can continue to vent as you use it.