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What are the SoloScreen specs?

Here are the tech specs for the Xebec Soloscreen:

What's in the SoloScreen box?

The SoloScreen includes:. The SoloScreen is also compatible with our Xebec Adapter for laptops limited to a USB-A port and no USB-C or HDMI ports.

Is it the SoloScreen compatible with my laptop?

The SoloScreen is compatible with any laptop, simply requiring video and power input! The SoloScreen also comes with a USB-A power brick for devices with power output <10W to provide the power, if needed. You can also use our Xebec Adapter to meet th

Do I need the Adapter with the SoloScreen?

The Adapter is only needed if your laptop is limited to one USB-A port and no USB-C or HDMI ports.