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How do I setup my AirDesk?Updated 2 months ago

Our AirDesk is designed to be simple to set up while offering the flexibility to optimize the height and angle to make it comfortable for every unique workspace! 

Step one: Open

Pop both legs open and adjust to your preferred height. You can use it low on a desktop to bring your screen to eye level, higher for use as a standing desk, or even as a lap desk while sitting on the couch.

Step two: Flip!

Flip it over on your work surface. 

Step three: Adjust 

Change the angle by unlocking both sides and tilting until you reach the desired angle, then re-lock the angle. You can also use the removable laptop stopper to keep your device in place! 

How to break it down:

Unlock, lower the legs, and return the angle to neutral. Flip it over and fold the legs back in. That's it!

Having trouble with your AirDesk? Shoot us an email and we'll help you out! 

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