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SnapDisplay App - PC User GuideUpdated 8 months ago

First, sign up to be a beta tester on our SnapDisplay App page and download the App for PC.

Step 1: Open your laptop’s Downloads folder. You’ll see the compressed file for SnapDisplay (“Compressed” will show up in the “Type” column). 

Step 2: Click on the file and choose to “Extract All”. This will create an unzipped version of the folder in Downloads, and it may open in a new window. From there, click SnapDisplay Application (“Application” will show up in the “Type” column). 

Step 3: You will find the orange Vinny the Vanagon icon on your menu bar in the bottom right of your screen. Click on it, and once your screen is/screens are plugged in, it should recognize whether you’re utilizing a Dual Screen setup (with your laptop + one extra display) or Tri-Screen setup (your laptop + two extra displays). 

Step 4a - Dual Screen setup: Select the option that has left or right, depending on which side of the laptop your extra screen is located. You can also adjust for portrait or landscape mode here.

Step 4b - Tri-Screen setup: To see if your arrangement is set up correctly, scroll to the left of your laptop and see if your cursor appears on the screen to the left of your laptop. 

  • If it does, you're all set! 

  • If it shows up on the right screen, click the app icon again and select "Tri-Screen (Reversed)". This will swap the screens so they're recognized on the correct side in relation to your laptop!

NOTE: If the app is not open when you restart, search "SnapDisplay" on the Start menu. We recommend saving to your desktop from there for easy re-opening! 

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