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My Tri-Screen 2 says "No Signal". What do I do?Updated 2 months ago

The most common reason some users experience a 'no signal' connection to the Tri-Screen is due to the Tri-Screen not receiving power and video connections simultaneously. This often occurs when connecting to ports that are not Thunderbolt or DisplayPort-type USB-C ports. 

Below are some troubleshooting tips you could try to resolve the issue: 

Do I need the Tri-Screen 2 Adapter?

Take our quiz to see if you need the Adapter! This will be required to connect to the Tri-Screen 2 if you have an M1, M2 or M3 Macbook Pro or Air or if your laptop doesn't have two ports that provide both video and power (we break that down in the quiz so it's tailored to your specific setup). 

Connecting via your laptop USB-A and HDMI port

Try connecting both HDMI and USB-A connections to one screen to provide both video and power. Check out the tutorial below for a demo of how to do this: 

I have a Tri-Screen 2 Adapter and I am still seeing a "No Signal" Screen

If you have confirmed that an Adapter is needed for your laptop and are not receiving a signal when using it, try these troubleshooting tips:

1. Download DisplayLink Driver. After downloading please ensure to restart your laptop. 

2. Is the driver opened and running? It can sometimes close out on you, particularly when you restart your computer. You will know your driver is running when you see two overlapping grey boxes in your taskbar like the pictures below:



If you do not see the overlapping boxes and your laptop has already been restarted after downloading, you can just search for DisplayLink Manager within your laptop and then double-click on the application! This should open it up for you.

3. For Mac Laptops only - Please ensure that screen recording permissions are allowed. Check out the tutorial below for a demo of how to do this: 

If you are still experiencing a "No Signal" display after following these troubleshooting tips please feel free to contact us

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